The University of Arizona

Student Union Memorial Center and Park Student Union Construction

Construction of the Student Union Memorial Center began in 1999 and concluded early in 2003.
The PSU closed December 21, 2002 for renovation and reopened in late Fall of 2003.

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Student Union Memorial Center Facts

Steel Used:

Re-Bar1540 Tons3,080,000 lbs.
Structural Steel1980 Tons3,960,000 lbs.
Misc.580 Tons1,160,000 lbs.
Total8,200,000 lbs.

Square Footage of the flooring is 440,000 sq. ft.

Cubic Yards of Concrete Used:

Footings                    6,500 Cu. Yds.
Slabs/Decks7,200 Cu. Yds.
Walls4,300 Cu. Yds.
Total18,000 Cu. Yds.
Excavation1,460,000 Cu. Yds.