The University of Arizona

Lost & Found Policy

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How/Where To Turn In Found Property

Any found unclaimed property can be turned in to Lost & Found located at the Information counter at the Student Union Memorial Center.

  1. Items are held for one month before being boxed and sent to University Surplus with the following exceptions:
    • CatCards are returned to the CatCard office immediately;
    • University Keys are sent to the University Key desk after one week;
    • Drivers Licenses are set to UAPD after one week; and,
    • Bank Cards that are not claimed are destroyed after one week.
  2. The Information staff will make every attempt to contact the owner if email, a phone number or address is located on the item. If the owner has not claimed the item, the finder may claim the article after one month, as long as a claim receipt has be issued at the time the item was dropped off.
  3. In order to claim a lost item at Lost & Found, the owner must describe as closely as possible the lost item. If Lost & Found has the item and ownership is established as well as possible, the owner signs out for the item. If an item is not claimed, the individual holding the claim receipt may claim the item after two months from the date the item was turned in to Lost & Found.
  4. A log book is available to customers with missing items. The may list the lost item along with their name, email or phone number and Information will contact them if their item is turned in.