feed your IQ

You are what you eat. Show your Mensa-level mental capacity by picking up some IQ juice, IQ smoothies, IQ-i-tea, IQ java, IQ water, and fresh salads and wraps at IQ fresh. Made fresh at the Arizona Student Unions every single day, IQ products are natural, preservative-free, and just plain scrumptious.

IQ Fresh, the restaurant

Looking for something interesting to perk up those brain cells before the big test? Or just a bright place to wait for that really cute tutor? IQ fresh is your place. Take a peek at the menu, and find out about nutrition information.

IQ Fresh Menu

From Vivacious Veggie Wraps, Well-Rounded Wraps, Signature Salads and unique sides, to fountain drinks and of course, our famous Smoothies - IQ fresh is the ideal spot to try something delightful.

And, of course, you can just swipe your CatCard (with the UA Meal Plan) to get this all.

Do you want to work for this great place? Give us a call at (520) 626-0371.

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Now Serving Breakfast every day and all day on weekends.

Mon-Fri: 7:30-9:30a • Sat & Sun: 10a-6p

Brilliant Smoothies

Get your smoothie the way you like it - made right when you order it! Available at IQ fresh, Cactus Grill, and the Park Student Union food court.

Create Your Own Smoothie

IQ juice, bottled smoothies

Quick and clever, you think IQ when you have only a few minutes between classes. Speed by the Cactus Grill, Highland Market, Park Ave Market, U-Mart, and many other campus locations when you need a healthy IQ pick-me-up.

IQ juice is made only with real fruits and fresh juices. No preservatives, no fillers, no food coloring. We make it and bottle it every day right here at the UA. IQ stays on the shelf for only 24 hours, so you know it’s fresh.

IQ-i-tea, bottled green teas

Gifted and grounded, you think IQ when looking for an moment of relaxed enlightenment. Research continues to show what has been know in traditional medicine for millennia: green tea is good for the mind! Drink deeply from the well of pure genius.

Enjoy the healthy, refreshing taste of all-natural green tea as you like it! You can have your tea straight or with your choice of sweetener: honey, Splenda®, or cane sugar.

IQ water, vitamin-enhanced bottled water

Accomplished and ambitious, you think IQ to take your vitamins, stay hydrated, and enjoy the taste all at once. Nine combinations of formulas and flavors keep your
energy level up and your immune system nourished. Available in citrus, kiwi strawberry, or raspberry.