In response to questions regarding the University of Arizona Meal Plan policy of unused balances expring at the end of the academic year:

We value and listen to our students and parent community and recognize this change might cause confusion, particularly in the first year of adopted change of this policy. Therefore, we will be implementing a one-time waiver to the expiration date on all Fall 2021/Spring 2022 student's meal plan funds, to expire on December 15, 2022, versus the original expiration date of May 14, 2022. This adjustment will allow students to continue to utilize any meal plan balance funds throughout the summer and Fall 2022 semester. No action is required as this change will automatically be applied by the Meal Plan Office.

As background, the decision came in January 2021, eight months before meal plans purchases began for fall 2021 students. Any plan purchases made for prior years remained the same. We communicated the change ahead of making the new plan available to incoming students.

Which Meal Plan is for me?

Save money on every meal you buy on campus with your Arizona Student Unions Meal Plan.

There are several Meal Plans to choose from, each designed to fit your needs based on how often you eat on campus.

Choose the plan that's right for you:

Swipe Meal Plans

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Debit Meal Plans

Debit Meal Plans are specifically designed and recommended for incoming students living on-campus.

Save Arizona State Sales Tax of 6.1% Plus get 3%, 5% or 7% off every food or beverage purchase on campus.

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The Commuter Meal Plan is recommended for students living off-campus or in a fraternity or a sorority. This plan also meets the need of students who only eat occasionally on campus.

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Honors Meal Plans

The Honors Meal Plans are specifically designed for students living in the Honors Village and are mandatory*.

*Students who select a room in the Honors Village are automatically assigned an Honors Village Meal Plan. Students in Dorm Style rooms are assigned the Ocotillo Meal Plan, and students in Apartment Style rooms are assigned the Prickly Pear Meal Plan. During the first two weeks of the Fall semester, students can choose to upgrade or downgrade their Honors Village Meal Plan based on their Honors Village room style. For example, students in a Dorm Style room cannot select the Prickly Pear Meal Plan as that is specifically designed for those with Apartment Style rooms.

If you would like to make an adjustment to your automatically assigned Honors Village Meal Plan, please visit the Meal Plan Office located on the Lower Level of the Student Union Memorial Center, or email us at su-mealplan@email.arizona.edu.

Honors Greek MealPlan Waiver

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Faculty & Staff

The Faculty/Staff Meal Plan lets UA staff eat on campus and provides a 10% bonus on every deposit.

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2022 Meal Plan Statement