Why Get A Meal Plan?

It's flexible.

Add money to your plan as you need in person or online.

There's no state sales tax.

6.1% state sales tax savings on all food and beverage purchases.

Get a discount.

Get a discount of 3%, 5% or 7% off every food and beverage purchase, depending on your plan.

It's easy.

Get wholesome and nutritious meals on campus and never have to carry cash or your credit card and your account balance is shown after each transaction.

It's universal.

Accepted at over 38 campus eateries on campus.

How do I pay for meals on campus?

Cash & credit card payments are accepted. The recommended and preferred method of payment is through a University Meal Plan. Meal Plans allow food and beverage purchases to be exempt from state sales tax.

Every Meal Plan is a debit account, accessed via the CatCard. You choose the Plan that best suits your needs.


Add funds or check your plan balance…


2022 Meal Plan Statement