Sustainability at The Unions

The Arizona Student Unions are looking to set an example for the University and Tucson communities by offering programming, resources, and processes that enhance and promote our sustainability.

the definition:

Sustainability is the ability to to meet the environmental economic and social needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

our efforts ...
The Arizona Student Unions have been and are continuing to engage in over 20 sustainability efforts along our triple bottom line: Environmental Justice (Green) initiatives, Social Justice Initiatives, and Economic Justice Initiatives. For a detailed list, see the "sustainability efforts" page. Note that this page is always changing, and is not complete, so check back often to see the latest in sustainable thinking at the Unions.

the committee ...
In our effort as an organization to be mindful of our triple bottom line, we have formed a committe that regularly meets to bring current efforts to light, initiate needed efforts, consider suggestions, and find ways to implement needed sustainability programs. If you have suggestions you would like to have considered, see below.

green thumbs
Do you have ideas or comments about the greening of your Student Unions? Or would you like to volunteer? Check the list of current sustainability efforts page to see what you might be interested in, and then send us your suggestions, or let us know where and how you would like to volunteer! Click here.

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