Conflict of Interest Policy

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The Arizona Student Unions have established contracts with retail and service providers both in the Student Unions and for areas of campus-wide responsibility. The purpose of this policy is to identify some of the services to be provided exclusively by existing contracted companies in the Student Union Memorial Center, Global Center and those University of Arizona departments housed within the Unions.

Any department, company or campus organization that reserves space in the Student Unions, or hosts events such as trade shows, career fairs, Expo's or information centers, must provide the Arizona Student Unions with a list of proposed companies or organizations involved with their event.

To avoid any contractual conflict, the Unions will review the list of proposed companies or organizations whose University sponsorship or participation may create a contractual breach with exclusivity rights guaranteed to companies already contracted with the Arizona Student Unions. Potential conflicts include, but may not be limited to, services similar to these listed below:

  • Educational Testing Services
  • Catering companies or any food or beverage service provider
  • Restaurants/fast food companies
  • Career counseling/job help
  • Bookstores
  • Mailing/Shipping companies
  • Copy services
  • Computer Services
  • Banking/financial institution

The Arizona Student Unions reserve the sole right to enforce this policy and to make the final decision as to which companies or organizations are conflicts of interest with existing contracts. Please contact the Event Services office (621-1989) for questions regarding this policy.