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Dance Policy

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Recognizing the need for safe social activities, the University of Arizona Student Unions developed these general guidelines for dances held in Arizona Student Unions' facilities. Please review this policy prior to submitting your request for facility use.

Please note that this dance policy is primarily used for University of Arizona recognized clubs and organizations holding dances within the Student Union. Private groups, University departments or non-University organizations hosting dances follow approximately the same policies with some exceptions. Please speak with an Event planner directly if your event falls in to the category of a private event or non-University dance so all the details of your event can be discussed in advance. Failure to meet all the Student Union policies and procedures for events with dances will result in cancellation of the event.

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This policy applies to any recognized student club/organization that wishes to have a dance in a Student Unions' facility. A dance is defined as a social gathering where the primary focus is to dance for entertainment purposes. A guest is defined as a dance participant who is not a member of the sponsoring organization(s) and is invited by a member to attend in accordance with the following guidelines.



Students who are invited to attend may do so with valid student identification cards.


Guest Policy

The sponsoring organization is responsible for the behavior of its members and guests. All guests must be at least 18 years of age with valid photo identification.

  1. Each student entering the dance is allowed one (1) guest who must sign a guest list. Only one guest per organization member applies to all dances.
  2. The organization is to submit a pre-printed member and guest list with the first and last names. The guest list must be submitted to the Event Services Office seventy-two (72) hours prior to the dance.
  3. Guests that are neither on the pre-printed guest list or admitted with an organization member will not be admitted to the dance.



Security is required for all student dances. Security requirements are determined in conjunction with UAPD (University of Arizona Police Department) and UA Risk Management. Considerations include the dance day, time and place, expected attendance, expected number of guests not on the pre-printed guest list, the past history of the event, the type of event itself and the sponsoring organization. UAPD will provide security for all dances in the Student Union Memorial Center. The client or sponsoring organization is responsible for contacting UAPD and making all necessary security arrangements. A request for security personnel should be made at least 3 weeks before the event to ensure UAPD has time to staff the event. Please contact Melissa Valenzuela at 626-6728 for information on cost or to schedule police officers. University Risk Management may require additional security and this will be discussed with Client as far ahead as possible.

UAPD contact is Melissa Valenzuela at 626-6728. UAPD will decide how many officers are necessary for the dance and all arrangements including payment are to be made directly with the UAPD contact. In addition, the following will also apply:

  1. The sponsoring organization must identify one (1) individual member who will specifically be charged with the responsibility for assisting with security. This individual shall be stationed at the door throughout the dance to take an accurate head count.
  2. The sponsoring organization/representative must also check identification, collect admission fees, and communicate with security and Student Union staff. These individuals must check with the Union's Operations Manager before the doors open for the dance.
  3. All dance participants are subject to pat down. Purses/fanny packs may be searched. No large bags, (i.e., backpacks), are permitted.
  4. Participants who choose to leave the designated dance area must repeat the complete security screening process and pay any admission fees again.
  5. If anticipated attendance and the security of the facility necessitate, the University Police Department and/or Arizona Student Unions reserve the right to require the sponsoring organization to hire additional security. In such cases, every effort will be made to discuss these concerns with the sponsoring organization as far in advance as possible.
  6. The Arizona Student Unions and/or security reserve the right to refuse admission to anyone.
  7. The Arizona Student Unions reserves the right to close the dance or end the event at any time if they feel that canceling the dance is in the best interest and safety of the dance guests and/or Student Union Memorial Center staff.



If your event will require vehicle parking, please contact the Special Events Coordinator for Parking & Transportation at 1117 E. 6TH, or by phone at (520) 621-3710. The cost of renting space in the Student Union Memorial Center does not include parking fees on campus. The nearest public parking facility is the Second St. /Mountain Ave. garage located behind the Student Union Memorial Center on the corner of Second and Mountain Ave. Please contact Parking and Transportation for more information on the garage schedule, parking fees and other available parking locations on campus. The Student Union does not take any responsibility for providing parking for events held at the Student Union.


Dock Access

Load in or load out for the sponsoring organization, their band, DJ or other service providers must be coordinated in advance with the Event Services office. All services associated with the dance event must use the Arizona Student Union underground dock to load and unload equipment. Use of the traffic circle behind the Student Union is not permitted for loading or unloading for events. Additionally, there is no guarantee of parking in the dock area. Please consult an event planner for your event in advance to work out the dock access issues. The dock policy can be found here.


Facility Fees

Facility fees include room rental charges, cleaning fees, overtime labor, and in rare cases, damage charges.

  1. Room Rental - The following facilities are available for dances at the associated rates: The Student Union Memorial Center Grand Ballroom University rate: $800 /Non-University rate: beginning rate: $1500 to $3000 Please note that the entire Grand ballroom needs to be rented when a dance is taking place (regardless of how many guests are expected to attend) to avoid any sound conflicts with neighboring events. 1. Cleaning - There are minimum cleaning charges for all dances. Additional cleaning charges may be assessed as needed to restore the facility to its original state. The minimum cleaning charge is $150.00.
  2. Overtime Labor - There is a minimum overtime labor fee of $50/hour for every hour that the facility is not completely cleared after the building closes, this includes increments of hours. Groups will be charged the full hourly rate regardless of whether they stay in the building for the full hour over or not. This includes DJ equipment and load-out. The charge goes up to $200/hour after 1am. It is important to schedule the end time of the dance to assure there is sufficient time to load out for the event.
  3. Damage Charges - The sponsoring organization will be charged for any damages that occur during the dance.
    1. A facility checklist will be completed prior to the start of the dance to document damage that is preexisting and will be reviewed and signed by the Unions' staff member on duty and the sponsoring organization.
  4. At least seven (7) days prior to the event, the sponsoring organization is required to submit payment for the cleaning charge and room rental. Any remaining balance is due after the event and must be paid within five (5) days of the dance. If the fees are not paid, all future reservations will be canceled. Dances must be canceled seventy-two (72) hours in advance to avoid room, catering, and security charges.


Facility Hours

Music must end at the designated closing time outlined on the dance request and the facility vacated. Bands and DJ's must load out by the scheduled end of the event. Appropriate overtime charges apply.

No guest admittance after 12:00 midnight and everyone out including DJ and band by 1am. After 1am overtime charges increase to $200.00/per hour. Sunday to Saturday building closes at 10pm during fall and spring semester. Sunday to Saturday building closes at 9pm during summer. During holidays and non-class times, the Union may be closed or on an abbreviated schedule. Please check with an event planner to see if the Union's Facilities are available during one of these times.



The sponsoring organization must submit a Dance Request form to the Student Unions' Event Services Office at least fifteen (15) working days prior to the dance. Refreshments are available from our catering department and should be ordered through the Event Services Office (621- 1989). All set-up requirements, including microphones, tables, chairs, etc. should be coordinated through the Event Services Office at the time the dance request is submitted. Arizona Student Unions and University policy prohibit bringing food/beverages from outside sources. All food/beverages must be purchased from Redington Catering (Student Union). Any changes made beyond the original arrangements will be handled by completing a change order form with the Event staff. Additional charges for added equipment or services will apply.



A sponsoring organization representative must arrange and meet with Student Union staff no later than one (1) week prior to the dance to confirm dance details, estimate of attendance, facility use, room set up, admission procedures, security, fees, and roles and responsibilities. The sponsoring organization(s) will be responsible for scheduling the preplanning meeting through the Event Services Office. Failure to schedule or attend this meeting or provide final details at least (1) one week before the dance event will result in the cancellation of the dance.



Advertising University dances to the general public is prohibited. The distribution of flyers is limited to the University of Arizona and invited guests of UA students. The flyer must include the guest policy, identification requirements, and notice of security. The sponsoring organization may distribute flyers once the dance and flyers have been approved by the Arizona Student Unions.


Disciplinary Measures

  1. The Arizona Student Unions are smoke-free facilities. The UA is a Weapons, Alcohol and Drug Free Zone as stated in the Arizona Board of Regents (ABOR) Code of Conduct. Persons who are in violation of these codes are subject to expulsion from the dance. Unruly behavior of any type may result in the immediate expulsion of the responsible individuals from the dance and/or the immediate cancellation of the dance.
  2. Student(s) and/or student organizations or any of the dance attendees who violate University, state, or federal policy/laws at a dance may be subject to the ABOR Student Code of Conduct, disciplinary action, and/or prosecution in a court of law.
  3. Participants who violate University, state, or federal policy at a dance may be subject to state and/or federal, civil, or criminal prosecution.
  4. Problems arising from violation of Event Services Office policies, (i.e. damage, clean up, etc.), will result in additional charges to the sponsoring organization and the possible loss of scheduling privileges and recognition.


Liability Insurance

If permission to conduct an event is granted, it is understood that the signing individual and/or the sponsoring organization, will take full responsibility for injury to any person or property caused by the organization or members thereof and will be financially responsible for both damages and expenses resulting there from. It is also understood that the signing individual and/or the sponsoring organization assume all risks for injury or loss to the property of members or guests of the sponsoring organization and that approval of the event does not provide any coverage by University insurance. Evidence of insurance, by issuance of a certificate naming the Arizona Board of Regents on behalf of the University of Arizona as an additional named insured, for commercial general liability insurance in a single limit amount of $1,000,000, or more as appropriate to the risk of the event as required by the Department of Risk Management, must be provided. The certificate shall clearly establish that the coverage provided is primary, and that any insurance carried by the University is excess. The Department of Risk Management may change insurance requirements based upon the assessment of risk.

For more information regarding this dance policy, contact the Assistant Director for Facilities & Operations, Larry D. Jones at 621-1417 or 360-3525 or by email at See to view Student Union Memorial Center policies.