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Dock Access Policy & Procedures

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To provide the optimal level of service to the Underground loading dock (See vendor Loading Dock Diagram), the following procedures must be followed and adhered to at all times (failure to comply will result in ticketing or towing):

  • The dock is managed by Union Operations who have delegates assigned throughout the day. The primary contact is the Asst. Director of Operations and can be reached at 360-3525. If unavailable, please call Student Union Receiving at 621-7040.

  • Deliveries are dened as drop of goods or materials to the Student Union Memorial Center.

  • The Purpose of the loading dock is for deliveries and loading/unloading of vehicles only. The loading dock is not a parking facility. NO UNATTENDED VEHICLES are allowed in the loading dock.

  • In the case that an outside service vendor (or Student Union Service Vehicle) needs to unload heavy equipment etc and needs limited short term unattended parking (MAX 2 hours), this can only be accommodated in the "Building Services" space. This space is located next to the 2 recycle compactors (See Diagram) and is also clearly marked with signage and pavement marking.

  • Other Restricted Times/ Loactions for Concern: Small truck bays (See Diagram).

  • Burger King will deliver on MON and TUES 2am

  • Tuesdays and Fridays, 6:30am - 7:15am. All small bays must be clear to facilitate trash removal.

  • Wednesdays, 6:30am - 7:15am. All smallbays including near columns (C1&C2)

Large Truck bays (Late Night)

must be cleared after 5pm only.

Dock hours are from:

Closed Saturday & Sunday, EXCEPT: Football Saturdays

After Hours Access

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All designated union staff with access to the dock will have their CatCards, vendor /vehicle card or a remote unit to open the gate.


Retail vendors within the union as well as outside vendors that deliver to the union have a vendor card that allows them access.


Anyone wanting access to the dock after hours when the gate is closed and while the Student Union Memorial Center is still open will have to do the following:

Stop at top of ramp, get out and use the call box to call the Information Counter or Operations Manager (OM) Cell phone (at the same time, the signal light will take 45 seconds to go from red to green). The Info phone or OM cell phone will ring and the vendor will ask for access. OM's should check the monitor to see who it is and then go to the dock, swipe card and gate will open.

*OM's will need to swipe card to open gate for these vendors when they need to leave.


  1. Drivers must wait until the gate is all the way up before they enter the dock or the gate will not automatically close behind them.
  2. Call box is only set to talk for 60 seconds
  3. OM's to use Catcard at all times when opening dock gate. The key is for emergency override use only.