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Build Healthier Habits

Ready to make a commitment to your health?

Embrace the power of healthy dining options on campus! From balanced meals to fresh fruits and veggies, our dining locations are here to support your wellness journey.

Don't know where to start? Read more about Healthier Habits in our Newsletter below.

Build Healthier Habits

It's Nutrition Month!

Stay Healthier with Arizona Dining’s Nutrition Calculator! Want to make better choices about what you eat on campus? Look no further! Arizona Dining’s Nutrition Calculator is here to empower you with all the essential information you need to make healthy and mindful food decisions. 

Whether you're watching your macros, or navigating dietary restrictions, our Nutrition Calculator has got you covered. With just a few clicks, you can access comprehensive nutrition facts, ingredient lists, and even filter foods based on your specific dietary needs.

It's Nutrition Month!

Sip & Play at Cork & Craft

Join us for a week full of fun, entertainment, and great vibes at Cork & Craft Sip & Play Event  February 19 - 23rd. We will be serving Happy Hour all night from 3:00 PM. We have added a long list of bar games and there will be a photobooth for you to take pictures with your friends.

Come for the food. Stay for the party. 

Mocktail Monday: Explore a refreshing new mocktail menu. Stay & play with our curated selection of games.

Trivia Tuesday: Put your knowledge to the test! Come with friends or take on the challenge solo from 5pm - 7pm.

Unplugged: Enjoy acoustic tunes that capture the essence of the desert. Cheer on our talented student musicians from 4pm-9pm.

Rodeo Fit: Break out your boots and saddle up in your best rodeo fit! Strike a pose in our Wild West themed photobooth, receive a free mocktail, and stay for the vibes. 

Friday: Double the delight and start your weekend off right with a 2-for-1 Mocktails.

Sip & Play at Cork & Craft

Smart Eats, Sharp Minds - Fuel up for Finals!

Don’t just survive finals, let us help you thrive with our ultimate finals survival guide! 🚀 We've prepped awesome deals on brain-boosting bites and study session sips running December 7 through December 14. From free coffee at Starbucks to discounted breakfast at The Den, we're dishing out discounts to keep your energy up, focus sharp, and hydration game strong as you conquer your finals these upcoming weeks. Check out our weekly deals below. 📚✨ #FuelYourBrain

●      Starbucks @ Global – Free Tall Drip Coffee from 9a-11a only

●      Starbucks @ Library - Free Tall Drip Coffee from 7p-9p only

●      Einsteins @ SUMC – Free Small Drip Coffee from 3p-6p

●      The Den - $3.99 Grand Slam (normally $6.99) from 9a-11a only

●      Core Plus - $1 off protein addition

●      Mas Tacos & Sabor – free beans with purchase of a la cart item

●      Nrich Urban Market - $1 off fresh pressed juice from 7a-9a only

●      IQ Fresh - $1 off CHAMP Smoothie all day

●      Radicchio - $5 all day every day

●      ’85 North - $1 off retail lunch price

●      Highland Grocery - $1 off retail dinner price

Smart Eats, Sharp Minds - Fuel up for Finals!

Colorful Ways to Wellness - Nutrition In Every Hue

New year, new goals, and a whole lot of colorful food coming your way! 🌈 Ever wonder why your plate needs more hues and what that means? Colorful Ways To Wellness has the answers. From brain boosts to heart love, check out the color categories below to choose healthy and balanced nutritional food items that suit your taste buds!

🍠 Purple: Fuel your brain, amp up your vision, and help prevent cancer.

  • Check out the Blueberry Parfait at Arizona Market, Global Market, and Highland Grocery! Of course, there’s also the Açaí Bowl at IQ Fresh and Core .
  • Try to include meals with blueberries, blackberries, red or purple cabbage, eggplant, and grapes.

 🍓 Red: Show some love to your heart and take steps to prevent cancer.

  • Choose the Sauteed Spinach & Tomatoes at 85’ North or Chana Masala at Saffron Bites to cover your reds!
  • Try eating more beets, tomatoes, bell peppers, cranberries, cherries, raspberries, strawberries, and pomegranates.

 🥬 Green: Fight inflammation like a superhero.

  • Find the Kung Pao Broccoli at Radicchio or the What’s Up Doc Salad at IQ Fresh for all your greens.
  • Try more broccoli, spinach, kale, and kiwi for that extra punch.

🍊 Orange: Give your immunity a power-packed punch.

  • Can’t get easier and more delicious than the Square Root Juice at NRich or the delicious Stir Fry Vegetables at Cactus Grill.
  • Try more oranges, carrots, squash, cantaloupe, pumpkin, mango, apricot, and yams are all over the Unions restaurants and cafes. 

🧄 White & Brown: Keep your cholesterol and blood pressure in check.

  • Have you tried the Mushroom Tacos at Mas Tacos or the Cauliflower Rice at Radicchio?
  • Try adding a little extra garlic, onion, cauliflower, mushroom, potato, and parsnip.

Colorful Ways to Wellness - Nutrition In Every Hue

It's Thanksgiving - Let's Get Stuffed!

It's time to do thanksgiving YOUR way - with Arizona Dining's Thanksgiving Dinner To-Go! Starting now through November 21st (till 10AM), you can preorder a four-course Thanksgiving dinner. Choose from main courses like a WHOLE Turkey, Prime Rib, or Vegetable Wellington paired with sides like Mashed Potatoes and Roasted Veggies. Finish your meal with Thanksgiving sweet treats like Pumpkin Pie or Caramel Crumble Pie!

Did those sweet treats catch your eye? You're in luck! Arizona Dining's Thanksgiving Bake Sale is on November 20th - 22nd from 10AM - 3PM across from On Deck Deli! Pick from homemade pies, pastries, cookies, and breads.

Whew! Did we just blow your mind with info? Click here and take your time digesting (pun intended!) all the Thanksgiving details like menus, preorder, locations, prices, and more!

It's Thanksgiving - Let's Get Stuffed!

Hi Highland!

Did you know you can get groceries - on campus !? Save that Lyft money for another time and get all your essentials at Highland Grocery! With grocery store prices, you can get produce, meals, snacks, bulk items, drinks, toiletries, and more. Grab breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the all-you-care-to-eat hot and cold bars and don't forget to grab a famous Highland Burrito at their evening grill from 8PM to 1:45AM. See, this grocery isn't just for your early morning runs - it's also open for those evening trips after "studying" so hard on a Saturday night. Whatever your plans, Highland Grocery has you covered.

Now that Highland Grocery is your new bestie, let's talk about how you can use your Swipes to shop! Here are some tips to remember:

You can use up to 5 swipes in one single transaction per day - think of it as $50 for groceries since each swipe has a $10 value.

It may be best to plan a bulk grocery shopping trip in the middle of the month to make sure you've used up all your remaining swipes before they expire!

Here's a sample grocery list with staples like produce and bulk items. Feel free to swap or drop anything you're not the biggest fan of - you're welcome.

Sweet Potatoes - it's fall y'all!
Steel-Cut Oats
Chocolate Covered Pretzels - a good class snack
Dried Apricots
Powdered Peanut Butter
Chocolate Chips - for the sweet tooth

Hi Highland!


Start off with our freshest flavors at RADICCHIO, an all-you-care-to-eat, plant-forward dining location! Now HOLD ON! We're not just talking salads. Nope, we're talking:

  • Delicious Spinach Enchiladas
  • Homestyle Favorites
  • Rotating Pasta and Sauces
  • Variety of Pizza Options
  • Quinoa Chili
  • Lasagna
  • Sautéed Veggies and Grains

Let's not forget the Mediterranean mezza bar, full salad bar, soups of the day, and a fully stocked dessert section. The list goes on and on with our rotating international menus.

Got dietary preferences? No worries! At Radicchio, all dishes are crafted without peanuts or tree nuts as ingredients. And of course, it also offers a wide range of made-without-gluten food options. Nothing better than savoring each bite with confidence! Check it out on the 3rd floor of the Student Unions Memorial Center on the southwest side of the building.


Dig Into This Dining Guide!

Welcome Wildcats! We're so excited for you to be on campus for the fall semester. We've been busy bees this summer cookin' up delicious new dining options and resources to level up your dining experience. Check out our brand new Dining Guide here for all things dining, nutrition, and Meal Plans in one spot! And fun fact – the Dining Guide includes interactive maps to show you exactly where each dining location is on campus for your reference and convenience. Did you know we have over 30 kitchens cooking just for you? We invite you to dine with us at each location this year! We know you'll quickly find your fave eats around campus, but don't miss out on the opportunity to try something new as it could be your next new fave – you won't be disappointed!

Dig Into This Dining Guide!

It's The Tumeric Talkin'!

We know you're out and about this summer, and your joints are movin' - that's great! Keep those joints moving comfortably and try turmeric in your next meal or drink. Turmeric contains curcumin which has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. This can be super helpful to consume after a long day of walking Disney World, climbing all those steps at the waterpark, or playing your favorite summer sport. If you're on campus, get your turmeric drink fix at Nrich or have it in your meal at Saffron Bites!

Along with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits, did you know turmeric can be super helpful for allergies? Now that it's summer, we know you can either be happily tanning in the sun or sneezing up a storm thanks to allergy season. Turmeric is a great natural remedy to help with allergy flare ups! No matter how this super spice can help you this season, head over to one of our Student Unions locations to try it out!

It's The Tumeric Talkin'!

Water You Doing? Stay Hydrated This Summer!

Here in Arizona, we know - it’s a dry heat, so stay hydrated this summer with the best from SUMC! Fuel up at our solar-powered Coke charging station, located by Harvill, with refreshing Powerades, Body Armors, or ice-cold Dasani waters - cause that’s sometimes all you need!

Want to beat the heat? Stay cool inside while ordering through Grubhub.  Pick up a fresh Scented Leaf tea at the Smart Lockers by Nrich! Feelin’ like a smoothie on-the-go? Order a CHAMP smoothie by IQ Fresh! Or if you’re super sun tired, try getting your drinks delivered by rover.

No matter where you are on campus, there are endless options to stay cool and hydrated in the Arizona heat. If you need an ice-cold caffeine fix, Starbucks at the BookStores and Main Library are open to help with summer studies or relaxation. For a more on-the-go coffee choice, try our Costa Coffee vending machine at the Bear Down Gym - serving hot and cold beverages.

If coffee isn't your thing, try a fresh pressed juice from Nrich with your choice of fruits and veggies, or choose from our selected creations! For those staying active around campus, both Shake Smart locations at the North and South Rec are open to power you up with protein packed shakes and bowls.

Water You Doing? Stay Hydrated This Summer!

Celebrate Cinco De Mayo At Sabor!

In queso you didn't know, it's almost Cinco De Mayo! Celebrate at Sabor with dips that'll guac your world and chips that'll make you say hooray! How about tacos that you'll actually taco-bout?! Or if tacos are nacho thing, wrap it up with a burrito and a refreshing Agua Fresca to feed your festive spirit. All puns aside, Sabor has you covered this Cinco De Mayo!

Don't worry, although we're fresh out of puns, there's plenty of amazing eats to try! Sabor is one of Arizona Student Unions' home-grown dining locations featuring classic Mexican fare. With Quesadillas, nachos, salads, bowls, and queso fundido, the combinations are endless! There are several choices of Mexican spiced meats, beans, and sides, including delicious vegetarian options. Anything is possible when you create your own entrees! Ole'!

Fiesta favorite: Chickpea Chorizo! This vegan protein option is sure to satisfy with all the flavors of chorizo without the meat! And if you need a sweet treat, we recommend the Flan or Chocolate Tres Leches! Don't forget to round out your meal with an authentic drink such as Agua Frescas or Mexican bottled sodas. Que rico!

With fresh ingredients and homemade recipes, our Sabor chefs are here to serve you on campus Monday ? Friday from 10:30am to 6pm.

Questions? Contact 520-621-1128.
Celebrate Cinco De Mayo At Sabor!

Work, Work, Work, Work

The Student Unions has a job for you! Seniors, just because you?re graduating doesn?t mean you have to leave us! And if you aren't graduating (though at this point in the year, we know you wish you were), we would love to line your pockets with cash while you study. Working on campus with one of our teams gives you a head start with solid experience to help build your path to a career. Whatever your path, our teams may have the perfect job for you!

Check out these jobs hiring now:
  • Multimedia Specialist (Visual Designer)
  • Accountant
  • Cook
  • Administrative Support Assistant
  • Banquet Server
  • Dining Manager
  • Dining Service Attendant
Endless opportunities are knocking... all you have to do is Look
here. And slow your scroll when you get to IYKYK to peep your future job perks!

Work, Work, Work, Work

Say Cheers for Nrich!

March Madness isn't the only thing we're cheering for this month. Arizona Dining focuses on all things nutritious (and delicious) in March as we celebrate Nrich Urban Market's 6th Birthday and National Nutrition Month! We have a few surprises and Nrich-ing celebrations planned, so be sure to follow us @uazunions for all the fun. You don't want to miss:
  • Daily Specials at Nrich Urban Market like Amazing Almond and Oat Goodness. Click here for the full calendar.
  • Special pricing at Radicchio for the Month of March. Enjoy plant-based all-you-care-to-eat dining for $11!
Say Cheers for Nrich!

Did you see?! It’s Radicchio!

Arizona Dining is proud to introduce Radicchio – the university’s first-ever plant-based dining location! I know it’s hard to ROMAINE CALM but keep reading because this all-you-care-to-eat location features a variety of colorful veggies and plant-based dishes you never knew you always wanted. It’s TOTALLY RADISH! Plus, all vegan and vegetarian options are made without gluten and do not include peanuts or tree nuts as ingredients, so Radicchio’s menu is sure to deliver GOOD THYMES. Don’t forget to snap a picture or two when you visit to send home to family as proof that YOU ARE KALE’IN IT at this college thing – you know they’re always ROOTING FOR YOU (and so are we)! Radicchio is located on the third floor of the Student Union Memorial Center with a great view of the mall and Old Main. Follow us
@uazunions for the beets – I mean deets – on Radicchio’s upcoming tasting event to celebrate its introduction to campus.
Did you see?! It’s Radicchio!

What To Look Forward To This Semester

Welcome back, Wildcats! We hope you had the best holiday break with friends and loved ones. As you settle into 2023, here’s a peek at what you can expect from Arizona Dining in the months to come:

What To Look Forward To This Semester

Dining That Makes You Smile

Have you seen a delivery rover on campus? Opened a smart locker to find a special treat? How about taking that first bite of your favorite dish at Cactus Grill? Arizona Dining is constantly looking for ways to make you smile! This semester we saw you smile with free samples during Destination Dining, taking selfies at the Go Cats sign as you sampled Coca-Cola products, tasting fresh pizza and going back for more when Cactus Grill reopened as an all-you-care-to-eat location, and when you guessed the weight of the great pumpkin at ’85 North. In the spring you can look forward to more moments to surprise and delight your orders via delivery rovers and smart lockers, new featured milks of the month and juices of the month at Nrich Urban Market, and a variety of specials and new offerings at on-campus restaurants to keep your taste buds entertained!
Dining That Makes You Smile