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More than a movie....

We are located in the Student Union Memorial Center, Main Level, Food Court,, so grab a bite to eat and join us for the most affordable movies in town!

Join us for our recurring Cats After Dark and Critical Film Series movies - FREE admission and FREE small popcorn for CatCard holders. $4.00 admission for non-CatCard holders.

Gallagher Hours
The Box Office opens an hour before show time, so get your tickets early and skip the line!
(Movies are subject to change. Please check the website before a showing!)

Thursdays: 4:30 PM - 10:30 PM
Fridays: 7:30 PM - 10:30 PM
Saturdays: 4:30 PM - 7:30 PM
the exact movie times are below

Movie Schedule

Saturday 8/18, 07:30 PM - Pitch Perfect (Free with CatCard!)

Saturday 8/25, 08:00 PM - Solo: A Star Wars Movie (Free with CatCard!)

Friday 8/31, 08:00 PM - I, Tonya (Discussion to follow the film) (Free with CatCard!)

Sunday 9/16, 08:00 PM - Ready Player One (Free with CatCard!)

Friday 9/21, 08:00 PM - Frida (Discussion to follow the film) (Free with CatCard!)

Sunday 9/30, 08:00 PM - The Incredibles 2 (Free with CatCard!)

Sunday 10/7, 08:00 PM - Black Panther (Free with CatCard!)

Friday 10/12, 08:00 PM - V for Vendetta (Discussion to follow the film) (Free with CatCard!)

Thursday 10/18, 07:00 PM - Hocus Pocus (Free with CatCard!)
Friday 10/19, 08:00 PM - Ant Man and the Wasp (Free with CatCard!)

Sunday 11/11, 08:00 PM - The First Purge (Free with CatCard!)

Tuesday 11/13, 05:00 PM - Vida (TV Series) (Free!)
Thursday 11/15, 06:30 PM - Crazy Rich Asians (Free!)

Tuesday 11/20, 05:00 PM - Mulan (1998) (Free!)
Sunday 11/25, 08:00 PM - The Nightmare Before Christmas (Free with CatCard!)

Thursday 11/29, 05:00 PM - Wind River (Free!)
Friday 11/30, 08:00 PM - One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (Discussion to follow the film) (Free with CatCard!)

Friday 12/7, 08:00 PM - Animal House (Free with CatCard!)

Friday 1/11, 08:00 PM - A Quiet Place (Free with CatCard)

Friday 1/18, 08:00 PM - Higher Learning (Free with CatCard)

Saturday 1/26, 08:00 PM - Venom (Free with CatCard)

Thursday 1/31, 08:00 PM - Who Framed Roger Rabbit (Free with CatCard!)

Friday 2/8, 08:00 PM - Moonlight (Free with CatCard)

Thursday 2/14, 08:00 PM - A Star Is Born (Free with CatCard)

Friday 2/22, 08:00 PM - Detroit (Free with CatCard)

Friday 3/15, 08:00 PM - A League of Their Own (Free with CatCard)

Saturday 3/23, 08:00 PM - Selena (Free with CatCard)

Thursday 3/28, 08:00 PM - Mary Poppins Returns (Free with CatCard!)

Saturday 4/27, 08:00 PM - Aquaman (Free with CatCard)

Sunday 5/5, 08:00 PM - Zootopia (Free with CatCard!)

Have questions about movie titles and show times? Email us at
PLEASE NOTE: Movie titles and show times are subject to change.

Event Space Pricing

UA Price Per Hour (3 hour minimum)Maximum Event Space Price (despite event length)
Non-UA Price Per Hour (3 hour minimum)Maximum Event Space Price (despite event length)
NotesEvent space in Gallagher will be charged by the hour with a 3 hour minimum booking. Hourly charges will cap at $725 for UA Departments and Clubs (despite the length of the event), and $950 for non-UA Departments and Clubs.

Movie and Concession Pricing

Menu ItemPrice
Admission (without Catcard)$4.00
Small Popcorn$2.25
Large Popcorn$3.75
Small Combo (Admission, Small Popcorn, and a Drink)$6.00
Large Combo (Admission, Large Popcorn, and a Drink)$7.50