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General Room Use Policies in the Student Union Memorial Center

Group Liability
Any damage occurring during the use of the Student Union facilities will be
the responsibility of the group confirming the reservation.

Lost & Found
The Arizona Student Unions are not responsible for personal items, either lost or left in the rooms. The Lost and Found counter is located at the Information desk on the first floor of the SUMC.

Hanging Items in Rooms
Nothing may be hung, pasted, or affixed in any manner to the facility walls, doors, windows, or floors. Tack strips are available in each meeting space.

Candles, Incense, or other flammable materials
Permission to burn candles, incense or other flammable items must be requested and approved in advance from the Event Services office.

Room Equipment & Set-Up
Each room must be left in the condition in which it was found. Tables, chairs, etc. need to be returned to their original position. All Arizona Student Unions property is to be accounted for and left in the condition it was received. Moving furniture within rooms or from one room to another is not allowed. Cost for resetting moved furniture or misuse of Arizona Student Unions property will be charged to the reserving groups.

Rental Items
Property supplied by organizations or businesses outside of the Arizona Student Unions is to be removed from the Union premises immediately after the event to avoid the cost of storage.

SUMC Access
Arizona Student Unions staff (i.e. Operations managers) are to have access to all facilities at all times.

Arizona Student Unions policy prohibits bringing food or beverages from outside sources into the building. All food orders must be submitted to the Event Services Office (2) two weeks before the event.

Alcoholic Beverages
Permission to serve alcoholic beverages during events must be made through the Event Services Office, room 348 in the Student Union Memorial Center (621-1989). A "request to serve alcohol form" must be submitted for approval by the requesting group. Arrangements must be made by the requesting group with an outside bartending service that meets the University insurance requirements to serve alcohol on campus. The Arizona Student Unions do not have a liquor license therefore our service personnel are unable to serve alcohol during events. For more information about the policies governing serving alcohol at events, please contact the Event Planing Office or go to: