Mall Use & Scheduling Guidelines

Important Guidelines to Individuals/Groups/University Departments Requesting Campus Use/Mall Reservations

  1. Space assignment will not be guaranteed until a completed Commercial and Campus Use/Mall Activity Request Form with all necessary signatures is submitted to the Mall Scheduling Office. Space availability is limited. Plan ahead!

  2. Three (3) calendar weeks from the initial receipt of applicable forms are required to complete the approval process.

  3. Amplification is allowed only between noon and 1:00 p.m. Monday through Friday; between 5:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 5p-10p on Fridays, 8a-10p Saturdays and Sundays. All other times only with special advance approval from the Dean of Students Office. (Maximum allowable volume is 85 decibels at all times.)

  4. Request Form does not order services, equipment, etc. from Facilities Management (621-7559), Parking and Transportation (621-3710), Student Union Dining Services (621-5736) or Risk Management (621-7691). Arrangements for services and payments must be made a minimum of ten (10) business days prior to your event with Facilities Management and a minimum of (5) business days prior to your event with Parking and Transportation.

  5. Structures as defined in the Mall Guidelines (buildings, booths, tents, canopies, vehicles, trailers, fences, walls, or similar objects), may not be left up overnight unless approved in advance by the Campus Use Team. Structures are allowed only between 8 am and 5 pm. unless specifically approved as an exception in advance by the Campus Use Team. Call Facilities Management for blue staking at 621-7559. Note: Structures may not be set up nor may any staking occur on the mall between the Cactus Garden and Cherry Ave.

  6. If you need a tent or other equipment, the following vendors are familiar with the campus: Pro Em (750-0550), Parties Plus (792-8368), AZ Party Rental (327-6678) and Party Express (322-9405).

  7. Please be advised that chairs and tables from the Student Union (patio areas, food court areas including outside and inside) are NOT to be used for mall events. Those tables and chairs are there for use by individuals doing business at the Student Union only. A mall event is not a Student Union event.

  8. If the event involves food and/or beverages, prior approval is required by the Catering Office 621-1989.

  9. Three (3) calendar weeks prior to a commercial activity, samples of products, promotions, flyers, advertisements, bank(s) or other institution(s) credit card application(s) and other related items must be submitted to the Mall Scheduling Office for initial approval.

  10. If the event involves commercial activity copies of the vendor's business license should be attached to the Request Form. Individual vendor space is limited to a 10' x 15' area. Sponsored commercial activity by one vendor shall not exceed a maximum of 5 times per semester on campus. Structures cannot be kept up overnight without prior approval.

  11. VEHICLE ACCESS AND/OR PARKING ON THE CAMPUS AND THE MALL REQUIRES PRIOR APPROVAL. Access and/or parking on the central Mall is prohibited between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. on school weekdays. Access and/or parking at other sections of the Mall is restricted. Please review your unloading and loading requirements with Parking and Transportation Services in order to obtain approval for vehicular access (621-3710). Arrange for your needs five (5) business days prior to the event. Parking on the grass area of the campus and Mall requires the further approval from the Campus Use & Mall Scheduling Office, Risk Management and Facilities Management.

  12. Large events, evening events and other certain events may require security. For more information call UAPD at 626-6728.

  13. Tables, booths, tents, etc. must be a minimum of 6' from any curb to allow for wheelchair access.

  14. Sidewalks: (a) Nothing may be placed on the mall sidewalk keyed pedestrian walkway (see map). (b) All power and water lines crossing other sidewalks must be secured. Anything over 1/2" diameter needs to be ramped. (c) All other equipment including tables, chairs and other event related items must be on the grass.

  15. In the event that conditions on the campus/mall lawn sections are unusable for events due to inclement weather, Facilities Management will make the determination on campus/mall usage in advance and will advise the Mall Scheduling Office of such conditions and decision. The Mall Scheduling Office will either relocate or reschedule the event.

Sponsoring groups are responsible for adherence to these guidelines and to all policies as noted in the Mall Guidelines and University Business Practices Guidelines: Sponsored Commercial Activity (available from Mall Scheduling in the Event Services Office). Failure to follow any of these policies may limit your ability to use the mall in the future.

Questions? Phone: 520-626-2630; Fax: 520-626-8969; Email:; Website:

Last update: Thu Jun 13 2019