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Students involved on campus tend to have better grades, retention, and graduation rates and have a more enjoyable college experience overall. So come see what’s here and be a part of it!

Come check out Student Government [ ASUA & GPSC ] on the 3rd level if you want to join a club or organization, or just come out to one of our incredible events. Spring Fling or great concerts anyone? If you’re up on the 4th level, drop by the Center for Student Involvement & Leadership to find out about Fraternity & Sorority Programs, the Women’s Resource Center, Pride Alliance, and UA Leadership Programs. And then when you want to relax, head down to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd levels you’ll find the Games Room, the Union and Kachina Galleries.

Involvement at the UA isn’t like high school extracurriculars. You can lead, plan events and organizations, apply what you've learned in class, and even find money for college [with a J-O-B, of course]. It’s all here.

Get Involved!

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