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Unapproved Vendors

Commercial activities (sales) that occur on The University of Arizona campus must be approved by the Mall Scheduling Office in the Student Union. There is an approval process that must be followed in order for those activities to take place. This process, in part, is to protect consumers from becoming victims of fraud.

Authorized vendors can produce an approved mall event form.

Unauthorized (unapproved) vendors cannot produce an approved mall event form. They sometimes sell their goods or services on campus, but typical unauthorized vendors solicit credit card applications or magazine subscriptions. When this happens, students, in particular, can be ripped off. For example, magazine subscription vendors offer great rates if you give them cash (or a personal check) right on the spot. These vendors have been known to tell you that your subscriptions will start soon; that by giving them your money (or check) right away you will help them win a fabulous trip. They sometimes harass students on the mall or on campus (many times near the library). These individuals have been trained to be very charming, aggressive and at times intimidating. More than likely, they look like an average college student.

PLEASE BE AWARE if you are approached by a vendor that is not tabled on the mall. If they cannot produce an approved mall event form, question them. Call Mall Scheduling at 626-2630 to report any suspicious vendor activity, and call the University Police Department (UAPD) at 621-UAPD (8273) if you feel threatened in any way or feel you have been scammed by a vendor.

NOTE: If you have completed a credit card application (whether the vendor was approved or not) and realize later that you do not want the credit card there are two things to do. When you receive the card in the mail please cut it up, throw it away AND call the company that issued the card (an 800 number is always on the back of the card) to terminate your account effective immediately. If you have been scammed by a magazine subscription solicitor and have given them a check call your bank IMMEDIATELY to put a stop payment on the check. Call UAPD as well.